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Products & Solutions

The effort to create a purposeful focused change in an enterprise

Business Solutions

Illustrating the big picture in the simplest for,, making your technological journey easy and simple, providing professional services that help improve your business and ease your technological procedures to better serve your customer.

Project Management

qualidev orchestrates technical teams to work on a strategic and timely measured plan, executing assignments within measured time frames along with management services upon request.

Technical Assessments

qualidev saves you time, financial waste, and helps avoid unnecessary risks.After our technical assessment, we supply a team on the go with the exact required capabilities prescribed to solve your technical issue(s).


qualidev brokers services, supporting common goals presented to your end consumer. Our growing channels are capable across multiple domains in IT management services mastered by our tech team.

Quality Assurance

qualidev specializes in tailored services to improve your performance. Simply offering top tier solutions. Making sure your operations are handled professionally with consistency.

Technical Solutions 

Numerous IT solutions for both enterprise and company scale, delivered by IT experts in the Middle East and expanding in the MENA region.

Technical Implementation / Deployment

Technical Project Management.

Technical Training

IT Consultancy & Partner Awareness

Technical Architecture

Technical Health Check

Licensing Assessments

Technical Design

Proprietary Solution

We specialize in software development services that prioritize your company objectives. From design to deployment, our experienced team can create tailored company IT solutions to speed up workflows, optimize operations, automate redundant procedures, and increase income.

HR Vacation System
Reservation Management System
Contract Management System
Radiology Information System
Task Management System

Microsoft Products.

As a Microsoft Partner, over the decades, Microsoft has been supporting innovations, which is a primal shared mission for always striving for meaningful collaborations.

As a partner we provide the latest Microsoft service implementations, as well as connecting your firm to the most suitable distributor.

Microsoft partners grow and succeed, Microsoft invests in you—the resources, programs, and tools we offer help you train your team, build innovative solutions, differentiate in the marketplace, and connect with customers.

Service Transformation

Microsoft Technical Support

Microsoft Implementation and Migration

Microsoft Consultation

Office 365 Modern Work Place Solutions.

Have more control, the new modern workplace for better communication and enterprise enablement.

Exchange Online


Cloud App Security

SharePoint Online

Azure Information Protection Azure Active Directory Premium (SSO/MFA)

Windows Defender

OneDrive for Business

Management (Intune)

ATP Azure Right

MS Teams

Booking Forms

Power BI



Mobile Device

Planner Microsoft Stream Power

To Do

Microsoft Project

Apps Power Automate

Management Data Calcification

Microsoft Visio


Microsoft Flow

Advanced Auditing

Microsoft Azure Flexible Cloud Computing Platform.

Achieve the highest levels of scalability, security and work efficiency. With hybrid capabilities and global access to your data storage.

Azure Cost Management

Windows Virtual Desktops

Azure VMware Solutions

Azure Media Services CDN

Cash for Redis Sentinel

Power BI Embedded

Azure Bot Services Azure Genomics

Azure IoT Hub Azure

Virtual Machines

Virtual Networks



Disaster Recovery

Azure App Services

Azure SQL Database

Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Servers Increase Security and Innovate Faster.

Your time is precious for us. Install any demo, plugin or template in a matter of seconds. Just select the demo and one click.

Microsoft Identity Manager Server

SharePoint & Project ServerWindows Server


SQL Server

System Center





Tailor-made solutions for your business.

Dedicating a big part to market maturity awareness and enhancing new innovations to serve particular needs in all industries.

Add the best features and integrate with any system in your enterprise or company for service enhancement.

Adding new features into your software solutions and specially tailor it to suit your customer needs.

Integrate your special software solutions into Microsoft and create new platforms of Business Intelligence and high level insights.

Solution Factory.

Creating solutions that help all work domains and develop technological maturity in small and medium enterprise.
With great insights, extracting design thinking concepts that help remodel technological solutions to fit different industries, leading to service enhancement.

Banking & Finance


Business & Logistics





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