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qualidev Network

Technological maturity with limitless networks.

Bridging the gap.

As an IT service provider operating on a global scale, working among a B2B networks and delivering professional services.

qualidev has a mission to bring together vendors and partners in on network to collaborate and bridge the gap in technology, empowering the IT industry and developing technological solutions that aim to develop the technology ecosystem in the MENA region and beyond.

qualidev overcomes challenges that face IT partners such as: resources and tools in the constantly changing markets by operation optimization, co-selling, co-creation and service transformation. With every challenge we seek an opportunity, and provide the best practices of design thinking, innovation that leads to technological maturity.

Using an open innovation framework, we widen the market’s maturity with our transparency in knowledge, having employees and partners as contributors, building new innovations and on going research and development.

Providing the highest quality of professional services for your enterprise and business.

Our values


Consistency in empowering our IT partners and delivering support.

We highly believe that consistency in reaching our goals comes with consistency in finding top tier solutions that serve all customer needs. Our consistency is revealed in our quality and development of work and how we remain trusted technology partners.


Commitment is the main core value for qualidev; creating long-standing progress and experiences with partners.

Staying committed and connected is the asset of our developing network. We highly believe in the circle that holds together partnerships and alliances.


To inspire and introduce new methods of work creativity across different sectors of technology.

Constantly embracing co-creation through collaboration, internally and externally. Encouraging our teams to seek new information, having transparency in knowledge and spreading positivity in our work flow.

Trusted by our partners

Let’s build something great together.

Together is better.

Let’s work together