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About our company

Founded in 2020, primarily working across Egypt and The Gulf areas, qualidev delivers various services for the tech-industry, business solutions and technical solutions in a B2B network. qualidev specializes in IT consultancy and partner awareness, optimizing technical and business operations to undertake the stumbling block along your business journey.

In the capital of information technology, qualidev overcame challenges that paved the way for new solutions, becoming a mediator in the tech-industry. Becoming a market leader in offering the best technological services and aligning with both national and international technology vendors to serve IT partners.

qualidev aims to empower the IT market maturity by aligning with the solution providers in the MENA region. Increasing the efficiency in operations on a collaborative level to achieve collective goals together.
In this journey we become provisioners and suppliers among our network.

More about US

Design Thinking

As solution hunters we combined the best practices of data science and design thinking to get you the best tailored solutions. 

Open Innovation

Building an open innovation network to grow together and enhancing new technologies to serve numerous technological needs in all industries. 


We fill in operations and team gaps to help you stand among your competitors. Empowering your company and enabling your teams with data and tools to to establish a will structured technological ecosystem.

The circle solution.

Connecting your company with the most appropriate partner, vendor and distributor for meeting new technological maturity and enhancing the quality of your technological infrastructure, crowdsourcing solutions and consistency in growing with our partners.

Operation Optimization

Networking and Collaboration

Technical Assessments

Service Transformation

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Our partners.

Specializing in business intelligence, understanding the customer’s demands and adding value to your customer. Our sales process works on both solution and utilizing the teams capacity for many purposes, saving time and offering many productivity tools.

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Let’s build something great together

Let’s collaborate and make an impact with operation
optimization and open innovation.

Let’s work together